5 Most Famous Australian Clothing Brands

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Whether you are looking for clothing for a casual day out or a sophisticated evening out, some very famous Australian clothing brands have become popular around the world. From Seafolly to Ally Fashion, there are a few different brands that you can check out.

Zulu & Zephyr

Founded in 2012, Zulu & Zephyr is an Australian lifestyle brand that is a blend of classic and contemporary designs. Zulu & Zephyr is inspired by the relaxed culture of the beach while offering an all-encompassing wardrobe for the modern woman.

The brand is run by sisters Karla Rose and Candice Rose. They created Zulu & Zephyr from their sunroom at Bondi Beach. The brand sells through global retail chains. They are committed to a positive impact on the environment and aim to reduce water and wastewater waste.

The brand uses recycled materials and eco-friendly fabrics. They also limit the amount of water and energy used in the manufacturing process.

The brand also donates 1% of sales to environmental nonprofits. They also audit some of their suppliers.

Ally Fashion

Amongst the many prominent Australian clothing brands, Ally Fashion Discount Code is a well-established brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry for the last decade. Its unique style is a blend of raw beauty and effortless cool. Its signature pieces include block colors, handmade detailing, and textured fabrics. Its garments can be worn for casual occasions, as well as special occasion wear. Its designs also incorporate natural materials and artistic landscapes.

Ally Fashion is one of two Australian fashion brands to show at New York Fashion Week. The company`s entry into the world of fashion is a well-deserved one. The company re-focused on retail after a successful run in the wholesale market. In 2018, Ally Fashion recorded annual profits of over $20 million and is on track for a record-setting year.

Bianca & Bridgett

Founded by two sisters, Bianca and Bridgett, Bianca and Bridgett is one of Australia`s most popular fashion labels. This renowned fashion duo has created unique pieces with feminine touches and sophistication. They have also been known for their styling of celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Kelly Clarkson.

Bianca and Bridgett grew up in a business-orientated household and developed an interest in the business from a young age. After dropping out of her first year at university, she went on to study Graphic Design and Real Estate. In 2011 she launched her fashion label with her sister. Bianca spends her time reworking traditional silhouettes with a modern twist while maintaining the quality of workwear tailoring. She has become one of Australia`s leading designers, and her garments are staples in many wardrobes.


Founded in 1975, Seafolly is one of the most popular Australian clothing brands. The company specializes in swimwear and beachwear. It produces fashionable Apparel and Clothing Promo Codes that are sure to fit all body types. The brand`s products are sold through stores in Australia and overseas.

The company`s product line includes swimwear, swimsuits, cover-ups, and swimsuit accessories. Its line also includes an activewear line. Seafolly swimwear features exceptional fits and a range of hidden features. Its swimsuits include underwire support, boning rolled edge seams, and power mesh paneling.

Seafolly has been a longtime favorite of Australian beach-goers. Its designs feature interesting shapes and bold statement prints. The company also offers a range of swimsuits to fit all body types.

The brand also offers a full-fledged men`s collection. Seafolly`s products are stocked in more than 2700 retail locations worldwide.

Hansen & Gretel

Founded by Ainsley Hansen in 2012, Hansen & Gretel is a contemporary womenswear brand that creates affordable-chic collections with a twist. The brand`s designs fuse modern and minimalist sensibilities with traditional aesthetics, and the result is a range of clothing and accessories that are both wearable and figure-flattering.

Hansen & Gretel produces a wide range of apparel, including tops, dresses, nightwear, and outerwear. The brand also provides a selection of shoes and accessories. The line is also known for its use of sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton, linen, and Tencel.

Hansen & Gretel has added brick-and-mortar boutiques in Sydney`s Mona Vale and Paddington. The interiors are filled with youthful optimism. They also offer premium stockists overseas.

Last Word

Another Australian clothing brand is Aje. This Australian label is known for its fun feminine pieces. Their dresses are adored by celebrity fans like Christine Centenera a


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