Essential Icebreaker Australia Product Reviews for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Icebreaker`s ZoneKnit delivers targeted thermoregulation to areas that need it most. This hoodie has been designed for comfort around the globe.

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The shirts from Unbound Merino are a bit of an investment, but they are the most versatile and durable tees on the market. The merino wool keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot, while also being moisture-wicking, thermally regulating, and naturally odor resistant. They do all this while weighing less than a typical cotton t-shirt and looking and feeling premium.

The blend of merino wool with nylon and tencel creates a figure-hugging fit that doesn’t feel tight or restrictive, while still having good stretch. The fabric is also durable enough that you can get away with wearing the same shirt for several days on end without it getting saggy or dingy looking. It is also surprisingly quick-drying, and doesn’t retain smells like polyester does.

While there is a magical miracle fabric out there that does all the things that merino does and is half as expensive, it’s just not available at your average 20 dollar Nike t-shirt. However, modern premium polyester fabrics do all the same things and feel just as airy and soft as a merino at Icebreaker Discount Codes.

There are lots of merino wool brands that specialize in this type of apparel, including Icebreaker, Smartwool, Ibex, Minus33, and others. Other outdoor/travel/performance brands that make a few merino tees include Patagonia, Rohan, Outlier, and Wool & Prince.


Socks are a huge part of your comfort while hiking, backpacking and running, so it’s important to invest in a good pair. Merino wool is an excellent choice for hiking socks as it manages moisture very well. Sweat absorbs into the merino wool fiber and quickly evaporates, preventing your feet from becoming damp and odor-prone. Merino wool also has a natural engineering that resists the growth of odor causing bacteria.

Merino wool is also very soft and comfortable against your skin. Unlike traditional wool, which can have a coarse and itchy feel against the skin, merino wool has smaller diameter fibers that are much softer and more flexible. Merino wool is also a great choice for outdoor socks because it is naturally sun resistant.

In addition to being extremely comfortable, merino wool socks are eco-friendly and biodegradable. This is in stark contrast to synthetic and cotton, which are known to be more environmentally harmful. For environmental-conscious hikers, it’s a good idea to look for a brand that uses certified responsible merino wool and has a detailed supply chain.

These Icebreaker merino wool hiking socks are an excellent example. They are soft and breathable, made with a blend of merino wool, nylon, and lycra. The merino wool provides warmth and breathability, while the lycra and nylon add durability and stretch.


Merino wool underwear is a must for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy extended hikes or backpacking trips. Its temperature regulating properties maintain body warmth in cold conditions and wick away sweat to keep the wearer cool and dry. Additionally, it is naturally odor resistant.

Many outdoor enthusiasts have ditched their cotton underwear for merino, especially after experiencing the benefits of this versatile fabric in other types of clothing. Unlike synthetic underwear, which can feel scratchy against sensitive skin and retain a musty smell when worn for several days in a row, merino underwear minimizes odor by releasing a small amount of silver throughout the day to kill bacteria that cause stink.

While merino underwear is more expensive than synthetics, it is worth the investment for Sports & Outdoor Promo Codes enthusiasts who value comfort and performance. In particular, a pair of merino underwear will prevent chafing and chaffing that can occur when wearing traditional nylon trekking pants with abrasive seams or an elastic waistband. A pair of Y-Athletics Merino Wool Boxer Briefs is a great choice for backpackers who want a durable, lightweight, and comfortable base layer under their hiking shorts.

The Y-Athletics Merino Wool Boxer Briefs are made from a lightweight merino wool that is both wrinkle-resistant and breathable, keeping the wearer fresh, comfortable, and odor-resistant on long hikes or backpacking trips. It also features a nylon wrap woven into the fabric to reduce the likelihood of abrasion caused by thick jean-style seams and to increase durability.


The base layer is the most versatile piece in a cold-weather outfit and is where merino wool really shines. Whether you are hiking, running, backpacking, or skiing, a lightweight merino wool layer will keep you comfortable and dry. Unlike synthetic materials, which tend to hold moisture against your skin and can leave you feeling cold and wet, merino wicks away sweat quickly and keeps you dry.

Another great feature of merino baselayers is that they insulate even when wet, which is especially helpful for long days out in the rain or snow. This is why a layer like the REI Co-op Merino 185 Half-Zip is one of our favorites. It’s just the right weight for mellow day hikes and can easily be worn under a jacket or fleece when temps drop.

We love that the REI Co-op 185 uses the highest quality merino available and is ethically produced. The fabric is soft and stretchy and wicks moisture extremely well, which makes it ideal for active pursuits.


If you need a heavyweight baselayer for more intense activities, the Icebreaker Tech Lite range is also an excellent option. This material is super durable and the company is well regarded for using responsible animal welfare standards. It is also easy to repair, which is a major benefit if you’re hard on your gear. A few minutes with a needle and thread can save your favorite layer from being thrown out for good. Protection Status